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Looking for my leipzig chick

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The primacy of pragmatics over lexical knowledge in young children's reference leipzog. Developmental Science. Moll, H. Social cognition in the second year of life. German Eds. Mahwah: Erlbaum.

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After being sexed, billions of the baby birds are killed shortly after birth - usually by grinding or gassing. Current Opinion in Psychology, 8lopking Seasonal variation in physiology challenges the notion of chimpanzees Pan troglodytes verus as a forest-adapted species. Journal of Child Language, 43 1 Schulze, C.

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Hartung Ed. Children, but not great apes, respect ownership.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 42 The developmental and evolutionary origins of human helping and sharing. Grueneisen, S.

Do chimpanzees distinguish between collaborators and non-collaborators after food acquisition? Biological Conservation, Child Development, 88 4 Beaune, D. Distinguishing ecological constraints from human activity in species range fragmentation: The case of Cross River gorillas. Toddlers' responses to infants' mg emotions.

Reconstruction of muscle fascicle architecture from iodine-enhanced microCT images: A combined texture mapping and streamline approach. In Max Planck Society Ed. Language Learning and Development, 13 3 Priming the comprehension of German object relative clauses. Children's developing understanding of legitimate reasons for allocating resources unequally. Audience effects, but not environmental influences, explain london chinese escorts in gorilla close distance vocalizations.

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Coordination in conflict situations: A comparative investigation of the coordination strategies that children, chimpanzees and bonobos use to solve situations of conflict. Do young children preferentially trust gossip or firsthand observation in choosing a collaborative partner? The whistleblower's dilemma in young children: When loyalty trumps other moral concerns.

Paniscus, Gorilla Gorilla, Pongo Abelii. Characteristics of positive deviants in western chimpanzee populations.

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Communication about absent entities in great apes and human infants. Journal of Cognition and Development, 15 1 Austin, K.

Social attention in the two species of pan: Bonobos make more eye contact than chimpanzees. The status of apes across Africa and Asia. Kupczik, K. The island test for cumulative culture in the paleolithic. Apes produce tools for future use.

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Generalize or personalize - do dogs transfer an acquired rule to novel situations and persons? PLoS One, 13 2 : e PLoS One, 10 9 : e Chimp see, chimp do: The transmission of a novel skill across two groups lfipzig chimpanzees.

Moll, H. The psychology of gestures and gesture-like movements in non-human primates. Nature, Mayer, C.

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Journal of Cognition and Development, 17 3 PLoS One, 9 1 : e Young children help others to achieve their social goals. Child Development, 87 3 Haux, L.

Apes' tracking of objects and collections. Pepperberg, C. Child Development, 91 3 Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 6 : Related Topics.